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The New Sales Model

Sales & Service 2.0

Target Audience: Regional or National Sales Meetings, Association Conferences, New Hire Orientations, Sales Managers, Sales & Service Reps, Call Center Managers, Call Center Agents

Key Concepts: Social Media & Sales 2.0, Digital Fluency, Customer Service, Sales Success, Workplace Culture, Brand Advocacy, Operational Transparency

Format: Keynote

The fundamental principles of customer engagement and activation are the same as ever but everything else about the relationship between your customer and your business has changed. With the power of the web at their fingertips, customers are more informed, more discerning and less loyal than ever. They are also busier, overwhelmed and generally unimpressed with service they get.  Never has it been more important for sales & service associates to meet the customer where THEY are in the buying cycle and conduct themselves in a manner that quickly establishes trust, credibility and genuine care.

Whether inside sales, retail sales or call-center sales, today’s top sales performers embrace their roles as brand ambassadors, industry experts, trusted advisors and customer advocates. Christine works with sales leaders to integrate “win” mindset into every customer interaction. Audiences walk away with a renewed focus on high performance, a better understanding of the digital era buying cycle, and practical tools to apply with every customer touchpoint.

Christine interviewed @Sales 2.0 San Francisco


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