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Social Strategy for Managers

Navigating the WHY, HOW & WHAT of Social

Target Audience: Team Leaders, Managers, C-Suite, Board of Directors

Key Concepts: Digital Audit, Understanding and Redefining Social Media Strategy, Social & Human Resources, Case Studies: What Works?, Maximizing Digital Assets, Noise to Signal, Employer Brand Assessment, Personal vs. Professional Brand, Making Time for Being Social, What Makes a Powerful Story?, ZMOT, Making it Manageable

Format: 6 hours (one day or two half days)

The relationship that customers and employees want with your business is changing. By 2025, close to 75% of the workforce will be made up of Millenials, a generation that has never known anything BUT being seamlessly plugged in and in the know, collaborating, learning, giving and getting feedback, researching, accessing and sharing.

Delivered in a full day workshop (or two half days) with follow up self paced learning or 1:1 coaching, Christine is able to do something remarkable- help BUSINESS LEADERS improve their digital fluency.  Starting with a high level risk and opportunity overview, Christine takes managers through a 101 level introduction to the main platforms, their business uses and  etiquette in a hands on, interactive session.  Managers leave with big picture context and vision as well as a basic understanding of how they can leverage social strategy to further their goals.

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    Social Strategy for Managers
    Navigating the WHY, HOW & WHAT of Social
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