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Built to Grow +1

Redefining workplace high performance

Target Audience: Management in Growth Companies- AGMs, National or Regional Meetings and Retreats, Association Annual Conferences, Information Technology, Human Resources, Operations, Sales, Marketing & Finance

Key concepts: Social Business, Mutual Trust, Innovation, Strategic Alignment, High Performing Teams, Organizational Agility, Attracting and Retaining A-team Employees, Managing in a Technological Workplace, Leadership , Communication, Collaboration.

Format: Keynote or 2 hour workshop

Companies looking for sustained growth understand that their people and workplace culture are paramount to that goal. What they may not realize is that the success equation for High Performance lies at the intersection of organizational agility and trust. More than ever, that sweet spot determines the competitive advantage teams and companies enjoy when their team of A-players are totally engaged.

Christine inspires leaders with a high level overview of workforce engagement trends, shares a simple model for high performance culture and leaves the audience with a tactical model and roadmap to operationalize meaningful change in performance.

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